One touchy feely ewwww college post.

R - Thank You for being there for me when I needed to talk in the middle of the night about something retarded and putting up with my bullshit at times.. and my really stupid and trivial worries. Thanks for listening to me cry about my worries and my guilty conscience and insecurities and personal problems while you practicing your tech skill shit LOL. I love how open we can be with each other and I know we only think of each other as friends . I feel like we can relate to each other really well and I know if I need to talk to someone you will be there for sure. Most importantly Thank you for not judging me when I have my really emotional moments and caring about me regardless and try to understand how i feel. Even when I tell you im sorry for getting emotional you just tell me its okay and you just want to make sure I am happy and smiling. At times your jokes may be harsh but I know the moment I feel sad you will be doing the most retarded shit to make me smile.

P - Our beginning was a bit rough. but in the end you really are a good friend to me and i have never met someone as caring as you. Thank you for making me feel like I did not have to go through my problems alone. Thank you for giving me your honest opinion and literally pulling me aside to talk when you feel like something was wrong. It’s really nice how you know exactly the person I am without having me to actually tell you. I guess two people who are way too nice know each other the best. We are both pretty selfless people who just sometimes give too much and think about the other person that it just gets us into some shit LOL. but I think its nice how we can help each other through it. You really made me feel like that trusting people isn’t always a bad thing to do. You are really like my brother and thanks for letting me hobo in your room all the time.

- thank you for being a role model in my life and letting me use your couch whenever I needed it and listened to my problems when I had any. You are someone I could look up to and you were like a really cool uncle or something that gave me cool things. It was nice being able to act like a little girl around you because I never really got to feel like that as a child. I know you are going to be all busy with being a young yappie in the big world. I feel like you made my freshman year even better. And don’t worry I will take care of Penny. i’ll miss you but hopefully ill see you before i graduate

I guess I’m just ssaying it on here because none of you own a tumblr LOL. but more importantly thank you for accepting someone as imperfect as me and making me feel like my flaws aren’t so bad afterall. 

I guess you don’t really know someone till you get closer to them

i just have to say this somewhere

I am so tired of your shit. LOL

why can’t you just tell me straight up

if it will ever happen. or never. 

I don’t really wanna drink cuz I don’t want my feels to act up and I do some retarded shit. 

Man up and take me because I won’t be there for long. 

Get fucking over it.

I’m going to work hard because that’s the only way to see you again.

I’m trying to change.

Don’t bring me down with you.