why can’t you just tell me straight up

if it will ever happen. or never. 

I don’t really wanna drink cuz I don’t want my feels to act up and I do some retarded shit. 

Man up and take me because I won’t be there for long. 

im so stupid

im so stupid that I feel so guilty when i talk to you.

I can’t tell you anything and I’m too scared to. I went back on my word.

and it is all my fault. There is no one to blame for my mistakes this time. I made the stupid decisions that led to it. Now i can’t even talk to you till this passes over. 

This just shows I could never be worth anything to you. Someone like me will never be good for you.

Get fucking over it.

I’m going to work hard because that’s the only way to see you again.

I’m trying to change.

Don’t bring me down with you.


Is it bad that i think every bad thing is directed towards me?

ehh… fuckk.

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Chow puppy can’t get out of bowl

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